This is how long "good" sex should last

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Many of us still seem to believe that longer is better when it comes to a good old sex session.

Men are constantly mocked in popular culture for "coming too soon" and naturally, this has had an insanely negative impact on what most people think constitutes good sex.

We all know "quickies" can be a massive laugh - they're fun, passionate and highly satisfying - and now, we finally have the expert data to back it up.

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Stock image: Experts say longer sex isn't best

A new survey of Canadian and American sex therapists delved into their views on what the ideal length of a session was from penetration to ejaculation.

Psychologists, physicians, marriage therapists and nurses were all questioned as to what is a "good" duration for sex.

On average, they agreed anything lasting one to two minutes was "too short". Three to seven-minute encounters were deemed "adequate" and seven to 13 minutes was "desirable".

Smashing the aforementioned stereotype into smithereens, the experts said a 10 to 30 minute marathon was "too long".

Although you could argue, sometimes, it's really great just to have a long old go, it's pretty eye-opening about how wrong our attitudes are in general.

Lead author Eric Corty told Daily Star: "This seems a situation ripe for disappointment and dissatisfaction.

"With this survey, we hope to dispel such fantasies and encourage men and women with realistic data about acceptable sexual intercourse, thus preventing sexual disappointments and dysfunctions."

Yes, it's great that we're dispelling the silly myth that a man has to "perform" for hours on end to satisfy a partner, but at the same time we should just stop focusing on time frames all together.

Just be happy with what's right for you and your partner. When it comes to sex, there is no "one size fits all".

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