Little girl finally gets an amputee doll that looks just like her

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Harmonie-Rose was diagnosed with meningitis and had both her arms and legs removed before she was a year old.

Now two, Harmonie, from England, is recovering well and her parents couldn't be prouder of her.

To celebrate their brave daughter's journey, they got her a very special doll. On their Facebook group Hope 4 Harmonie, they posted a picture of a smiling Harmonie with her brand new friend - a gorgeous quadruple amputee doll.

Harmonie received an amputee doll that looks just like her

© Facebook / Hope 4 Harmonie

They wrote: "Yesterday we decided to give Harmonie her doll because she coped so well with hospital...

"There is something special about this doll though... She is just like Harmonie... A quadruple amputee! She has prosthetic arms and legs! And she's all the way from America from the very famous shop American Girl in New York!

"She then travelled to A Step Ahead prosthetic company who adapted her to look just like Harmonie.

"How amazing is that? As you can see she is already loved very much in this house and I know she will be Harmonie's best friend for ever."

A Step Ahead Prosthetics get sent dolls from parents and modify them to look just like their children according to their prosthetics.

Programme director Amy Palmiero-Winters told The Huffington Post: "These little kids have someone they can talk to, confide in and know they too look just like them. A doll may be all that we can do, but the tiniest of things can make the biggest difference."

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