This house can split in two if the occupants break up

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If there's one thing the Dutch have got down, it's design.

And yet again, they're proving to be not only forward thinking but insanely creative.

Design and engineering firm Studio OBA, owned by Omar Kbiri, have created "prenuptial housing".

Inspired by the canals of Omar's hometown, Amsterdam, the house floats. But that isn't the most amazing design aspect of this house.

Studio OBA have created a house that splits in two if you get divorced

© Studio OBA

Omar's innovative house can actually be split into two in case the couple living inside it get divorced.

Studio OBA say the concept home is "a response to the increasing divorce rates in todays' society" and that they "hope that 'Prenuptial Housing' is a solution for the increasing number of marriages that end up in divorce."

The home is comprised of two prefabricated units that look like they are one.

But when couples feel they are drifting apart, the house can literally break up by detaching the two units which then go solo on the water.

Omar told Huffington Post: "A lot of the people around us came up with the horror stories of break ups and divorces. What happens with mortgages, taxes and needing to find something new quick... moving back in with your parents even.

"So I thought, 'Why isn't there a house built for that?'"

And better still, if the occupants end up reconciling, the house can fit back together again as before.

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