Accidentally sexted your Mum? Don't worry, you're not alone

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Millennials, you were raised surrounded by technology, so you really have no excuse for being so incredibly bad at sexting.

When you're part of a generation who have pretty much never been without a mobile phone, you really should be a lot better at operating one. Right?

According to O2 Mobile's Life Report, 27 per cent (aka a QUARTER) of 18 - 24-year-olds have accidentally sexted the wrong person... I truly feel your pain.

Woman realising she has just sent a text to the wrong person
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Stock image: That horrible moment of realisation

That monstrous moment of realisation that you've sent a picture of yourself with your baps out to your Dad? I wouldn't wish that on even my worst enemy.

There really is no unseeing that, as far as your poor old Pa is concerned. It's the ultimate cringe.

Of these useless sexters, most had sent mortifying messages to either their parents, colleagues or exes. Ouch.

And kind of grimly: 31 per cent said they kept old sexts saved on their phones!

Unsurprisingly, a quarter of the smartphone generation who were questioned said their phone has got in the way of real life sex. And a very strange six per cent confessed they'd actually rather send someone an explicit message than do the deed for reals.

Apparently, the study also found that the smuttiest sexters were the Welsh and Northern Irish contingent - they were the most likely to press send.

While there are some apps you can download that retrieve stupid messages before they're read, what we really need is for someone to build a sexting feature that stops us from embarrassing ourselves like this, no?

Until that day comes, though, there still could be plenty of people who end up seeing a lot more than they've bargained for...

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