These twin Shih Tzu puppies probably have better hair than you

Published Tuesday, Aug 2 2016, 17:45 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
If you're feeling low or insecure about your own head of hair you'd be well advised to look away now.

These two ridiculously beautiful Shih Tzu puppies are about to give you uncontrollable hair envy.

Yuu and Nao the Shih Tzu twins from Japan pose with bows in their hair

© Instagram / @yuu_nao_twins

Right so you look better than me on a "good" day

While you may be struggling to master the art of the fishtail, or 90s top bun, Yuu and Nao have got it down.

The twins, from Japan, are pictured on Instagram by their owner Reina. And their hair is not only better styled but also glossier, more luscious and longer than most of the humans I know.

The seven-year-old brothers have been captured by Reina, who works as a dog groomer (obvs), with a number of intricate hairstyles and adorable accessories.

Yuu and Nao have mastered the art of intricate hairstyles and it's just not fair

© Instagram / @yuu_nao_twins

Well I could never do that in a million years

Bows, flower crowns, ribbons, straw hats. There is nothing these two cannot pull off.

If you're lacking a little barnet-inspo, just have a look at their Instagram feed. We're surprised they only have 3,500 followers!

Damn you Yuu and Nao for giving us impossible hair goals.

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