Would you spend £30,000 on a "mistress dispeller" to stop your partner cheating?

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While some people would go absolutely mad if they found out their partner was cheating, a rising number of women in China are reacting to infidelity in a very different way...

"Mistress dispellers" are all the rage at the moment in China, but we don't seem to have heard of them over here yet.

These mistress dispellers are being hired a lot in Shanghai and Guangzhou and are experts in ending affairs.

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Mistress dispellers become pals with the lover

The mistress dispeller will infiltrate the extra-marital lover's life, becoming friends with them and subsequently using their close relationship to persuade them to end the affair.

It can cost more than £30,000 and companies like Weiqing International Marriage Hospital Emotion Clinic Group have been helping clients split up their partner and lover since 2001.

In an interview with the New York Times, the director of Weiqing Shu Xin, explained the mistress dispeller can work in a number of ways.

She might find a new job in a different city for the target, meaning they have to move away and end the affair. Or she will become close with them and convince them that seeing a married man is immoral.

Shu confirmed that the mistress dispeller would never be violent or intimate with the "mistress" in question.

But it's definitely an unusual concept, that much is true!

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