The first ever poo-themed cafe is about to open

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I mean, there's unusual cuisine and then there's this.

The first ever poo-themed cafe is set to open in Canada, because apparently what we really need is to eat turd-shaped desserts.

If you can stomach it, the Poop Cafe in Toronto will be providing their customers with delicious yet unattractive puddings served in a mini toilet.

Canada will be home to the first ever poo cafe where desserts will be shaped like poop

© Poop Cafe

Lien Nguyen is the mastermind behind the stool restaurant and told her local paper that she aims to "make poop cute". Dream big, Lien.

The idea came to Lien while visiting her mother in Taiwan and discovered a toilet-themed eatery.

She told the Toronto Star: "It's funny to put food and poop together; it's a great comparison."

Instead of normal chairs, diners will sit in urinals and on toilets while choosing from an array of pooey dishes like chocolate ice cream and red beans with rice.

It'll open its doors in August and construction is underway at the moment. For pics of their interesting interior visit the Poop Cafe's Facebook page.

We're still not sure whether this is just a huge joke, but either way, it's pretty inspired!

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