What do we want in a best friend?

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According to a poll by meccabingo.com, friendship is such a simple concept that our top five friend qualities can be squished into a list.

This poll questioned 2,000 British adults who then very handily explained what made both a good and a bad friend, but do you agree? Here's what I made of it...

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True best friends are worth their weight in gold

Apparently, "not flirting with our partner" was up there as one of the most important qualities a friend should have.

Call me a cynic, but this should just go without saying. I mean, that's just like, the rules of feminism!

If you are a true pal, even the idea of hooking up with your bezzer's loved one makes you feel physically and violently sick. It would be like smooching your sibling, right? So to this Very Important Friendship Quality I say: well, duh.

Another top quality was "not cancelling plans".

What if you're feeling really crappy and tired and miserable after a rubbish day at work? You don't want to inflict your dark, rain-cloud of a mood over a friend you love dearly. Cancelling plans is one of my all time favourite activities. If I don't feel like hanging out, I won't and I truly don't think that's a bad thing. Just as long as you're there when they need you, isn't that all that matters?

"Supporting us on a diet" is what many adults said constituted being a good friend.

This one's kind of tricky. Yes, absolutely, if your friend wants to eat healthier or make positive lifestyle changes then you should 100 per cent back them. But also if it's bordering on an unhealthy obsession with diet then as a pal, you should be there to talk honestly and openly with your friend. Not entirely sure how this one made it into the top spot. As I recall, over the course of 27 years, I maybe once spoke to an old friend about trying to cut back on my cheese consumption (spoiler alert: it lasted two days).

Among the top five things the pollsters most disliked about their friends was "being too self-obsessed".

Hmm, not sure I'd actually be able to have a relationship with someone if I thought they were self-obsessed. But also we should all be aware that there are times in life when friends should be allowed to talk non-stop about themselves and their woes, you're there to support them after all.

Being tight with money was another friendship bug bear.

I mean, it is a bit miffing, isn't it, when you're constantly paying for stuff for a pal but the favour is never ever returned. Although you don't do it to get something in return, it would be nice if your generosity was acknowledged occasionally. Plus, we're all broke right? For me, being stingy is THE WORST quality in a friend or lover. So unattractive.

Respondents also cited being "opinionated" as a massive friendship no no.

Yeah, sure, being passionate and intelligent about topics close to your heart is SO off-putting. Note, these values are among the ones I admire most in my bests.

In conclusion, I suggest that understanding, supportive, honest friends who are just as happy praising your achievements as calling you out when you're being a total b*tch are the true keepers.

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