One in five creepy Brits use tracking apps to keep tabs on their partner

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We know what the number one thing all good and healthy relationships requires is, right?

Trust is key and surely everyone knows that. If you can't trust someone then basically there is no point being together, this is obvious.

Yet some incredibly depressing stats have come out today that show one in five of us completely forgot that golden relationship rule.

An alarming 20 per cent of the 2,613 British adults who were questioned by admitted to downloading specific tracking apps to keep tabs on their partner.

One in five Brits admit to tracking their partner using an app

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These apps include mSpy, SMS Tracker, Couple Tracker, Boyfriend Tracker and FlexiSpy. Even the names of them give me the heebie jeebies, very 1984!

Even worse, 81 per cent of those who downloaded these apps said their partner had no idea they were being snooped on.

All of these participants had been with their partner for at least a year as well!

So what exactly were their reasons for spying on their loved ones?

Initially when they were asked if they trusted their partner, 62 per cent said they trusted them completely. What's with all the undercover tracking then guys?

Worryingly, 12 per cent said they didn't trust them at all. This stat just begs the question: WHY ARE YOU TOGETHER THEN?!

When asked if they'd ever not believed their partner when they said they were going to be in a certain place, 37 per cent said they had.

How helpful are these apps anyway? Well, 72 per cent said they had never found anything incriminating from using the apps to monitor their partner's activity.

But apparently their sleuthing went beyond the reaches of their smartphones. Yep, 31 per cent of these people admitted to following their partner or checking up on them in real life. Are alarm bells ringing for anyone else?

And then bizarrely, 92 per cent of respondents stated they felt the advancement of technology has made relationships more difficult. Well, duh! Why are you using these apps then!

George Charles from commented: "Tracking or following your partner will only lead to arguments and drama that may even be unwarranted. If you feel as if your partner may stray or you feel uncomfortable with something that they are doing, tell them outright. They will appreciate the honesty."

Cheers for those wise words George.

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