Husky and kitten are inseparable and it's just too cute!

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We all know cats and dogs are traditionally meant to be enemies.

And that's what makes this unlikely friendship even more heartwarming.

Raven and Woodhouse are the best of friends

© Instagram / @raven_and_woodhouse

Just look at them!

Raven is a beautiful Husky, and her owner Christina, wanted nothing more than for her to have a feline friend.

In fact, she took Raven to a local animal shelter to help her pick out a rescue kitten.

Christina and Raven were presented with four tiny cats, and Raven sniffed each one before finally settling on Woodhouse, a tabby.

Raven and Woodhouse when they were a puppy and kitten

© Instagram / @raven_and_woodhouse

They were so cute as babies

Since arriving back at their home, the pair have been inseparable and their antics have becoming incredibly popular online.

Christina's even set them up their very own Instagram account, which currently has more than 25,000 followers.

Just look at them!

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