These white tiger cubs are just the cutest

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It's a widely accepted truth that Mondays can be pretty dreary.

So while you're all back at work wishing you were still sipping cocktails in the sun, here's a little something to cheer you up.

Four month old tiger cubs playing

© Slavek Ruta/REX/Shutterstock

They can grown up to 3 metres in length

These two tiger cubs are having just the best time ever.

Born in February this year, the furry siblings have been pictured loving life as they snuggle up to each other.

Now four months old, the pair live at Liberec Zoo in Czech Republic.

They live with their mum Surya Bara and love nothing more than a bit of rough and tumble with her.

Named Shankar and Maia, the Indian white tiger cubs are a rare form of Bengal tiger.

Unlike other tigers, they have pink noses and gorgeous blue eyes.

Four month old tiger cubs with their mum

© Slavek Ruta/REX/Shutterstock

When fully grown, this tiny twosome could reach up to three metres in length.

They may look innocent now, but by the time they're adults they could weigh up to 40st!

Originating from South East Asia and India, their natural habitats are grasslands and forests.

Sadly, these majestic creatures are often hunted for their coats. However, any tiger poaching is illegal.

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