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In the last three weeks, I have been to two weddings.

Two amazingly beautiful, perfect weddings. If Carlsberg – or indeed M&S – did weddings, these would be them.

Not that they were in anyway alike. In fact, the two days couldn't be more different. Sophs and Jon said their vows in a church, while Chris and Carly exchanged rings in their venue. Sophs and Jon had a magician and two bands, Chris and Carly had ice-breaker games on their tables and a DJ.

But they were equally wonderful. I literally didn't stop smiling for the whole time – apart from when I was crying at how lovely it all was!

However, not only was it the biggest and best days of two of my loveliest friends' lives, they were also the last weddings Mr T and I will go to before our own – which throws a massive slant on them.

Like when Chris and his best man, David – two blokes I've known forever, as we've grown up in the same street - were messaging the night before his big day and joked they'd run off to Edinburgh, I was suddenly filled with nerves.

Chris and Carly on their wedding day

© Kane Young Photography

Sarah and Mr T at Chris and Carly's wedding

"You will turn up to our wedding, won't you?" I woke Mr T to ask. As he sleepily assured me there were no flights back to London on Saturdays from the Isle of Man so there was no way he could jilt me, I felt a bit better.

And when Sophie's dad came into the wedding suite to see her in her dress for the first time, the look on his face brought an even bigger lump to my throat than it normally would. I'd never even thought about that moment during all of our planning so far.

Halfway through our meal, Chris came over to chat to our table. "See anything you like for your wedding?" he asked. To be honest, I hadn't even considered my big day – I'd been too busy celebrating his.

But now their celebrations are over and I've had chance to think about them all, there are loads of little tips and hints I've picked up.

Rather than just reciting the traditional vows, Chris and Carly wrote their own. I don't know how they got through them without them stopping for a sniffle. (By this point, I was in floods of tears and Mr T was having to discreetly ask my friends for tissues)

As well as the readings at the church, Sophs and Jon also had friends sing two songs. It made their service much more personal – especially because it was followed by Greggs treats outside the building. (Just to explain, they met when they were both working for Greggs, they're not just massive fans.)

Sophie and Jon on their wedding day
Sarah and Mr T at Sophie and Jon's wedding

Chris and Carly had a beautiful frame of wooden hearts that everyone could write a message on and they could then hang up on their wall.

When we arrived at our seats for the meal, we found personalised postcards from Sophs and Jon. I have no idea how long it took them to write them but it was so touching to read just how much it meant to them for you personally to be involved in their special day.

Now that we've sorted out all of the big aspects of the wedding, we're going to have to look at all of the little things that make your wedding day your own. And now I've been faced with the possibilities, I can't wait to get started.

Thanks, Chris, Carly, Sophie and Jon – and I wish you all a life full of love, luck and laughter together!

If you have any tips or questions, get in touch with me at @Sarahw0684

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