Bride asks her bridesmaids to "chip in" for her £7,000 wedding dress!

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We've all experienced a soon-to-be married friend who goes a little bit mad while planning their big day.

But one disgruntled bridesmaid was so aghast by her friend's bridal request, she just had to share it online.

The bride, known as "Carol", had apparently been emailing her bridesmaids incessantly and asking for them to provide spreadsheets. Yep.

Carol wanted her bridesmaids to create Excel documents with cake makers details, prices and flavours.

This bride asked her bridesmaids to chip in for her £7,000 wedding dress

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Maybe that's a bit too much to ask, but this bridesmaid dutifully obliged.

Carol, however, replied saying she could have done with the spreadsheet a day earlier. Wow.

Silently cursing her friend and bride-to-be, the bridesmaid sucked it up and hoped that would be the end of it.

Alas, Carol was just getting started.

A few months later, the bridesmaid received an email from her with the subject line: "Bridesmaid dress contribution". It explained that her and her groom had gone over budget, and then asked each bridesmaid for a favour.

The favour was, she wanted each of them to chip in more than £100 to pay for her own wedding dress. A dress that cost over £7,000!

Posting about her fury on Mamamia, the bridesmaid wrote: "I nearly threw my phone across the room, such was the rage that consumed me.

"I'm starting to think I might have to bail on this wedding, and friendship."

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