Wine ice cream is now a thing!

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Wine ice cream is officially a thing and everyone is losing their mind!

Introducing... winecream!

This is just the best news for us sweet-toothed boozers.

Crossroad Company are the absolute geniuses who've combined two of our nation's favourite treats.

Winecream is now a thing!

© Crossroad Company

Introducing... winecream!

Their website says: "Crossroad Co. began late one Christmas after a day of family togetherness that involved lots of wine and ice cream – separately. Eventually, we figured we'd just skip a step, and Winecream was born."


Winecream is created by mixing wine into cream and sugar before freezing it with liquid nitrogen.

Even better, each bowl contains 10 per cent alcohol (the equivalent of a glass of wine), so you can actually get drunk from their mixed berry or chocolate covered strawberry flavours.

Although it's currently only on sale in America, we're hoping it will make it across the pond very soon.

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