Would you try these bizarre cheese-flavoured cocktails?

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These days, trendy cocktail bars seem to be chucking any old ingredient in our drinks and expecting us to pay £20 for the pleasure.

But Kraft's new range of wacky cocktails are a far cry from the odd bit of chili or sprig of rosemary you might be used to drinking.

The company, and we're not sure whether this is genius or just plain disgusting, have created a list of recipes for cheese-inspired boozy drinks.

Kraft have created cheese-inspired cocktails

© Kraft Foods

Mac-Tini and Mac-Mosa appear on the menu

Their unusual menu hosts twists on the classics and include the Mac-Tini, Cucumber Lime Extra Cheesy Margarita and the Mac-Mosa (I think I just threw up a little).

So what on earth has inspired these curious creations?

Their website says: "Summer is here! Whether poolside, lakeside or beachside; life is better with a fruity summer cocktail in your hand!

"The mixologists at Above Average put together some delicious (and addictive) cocktails using an ingredient we all have laying around the house — Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. Trust us, you'll be chugging these til' September ends. Cheese and thank you!"

Not sure about that one Kraft...

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