New "silent loo" app can cover up your bathroom noises

Published Tuesday, Jun 7 2016, 17:12 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Using the loo - we all do it.

But for some of us, admitting that, and allowing others to actually hear us doing so, fills us with fear.

Whether you have some kind of toilet-related issue, or just don't want strangers listening in on your bathroom antics, this app is here to save the day.

Silent Loo app drowns out the sound of you using the loo, without wasting water

© YouTube / Bathstore

It started off as an April Fool's joke

The Silent Loo app, which started off as an April Fools' joke invention, covers the sounds of you using the lavatory with every water-related sound from trickle to tsunami.

To mark this week's World Environment Day, Bathstore has released the fully functioning app for iPhone and Android, which you can now download for free.

Bathstore's research found 75 per cent of water used each year is from wasted activities like running the tap to disguise your loo noises.

So if you're up for saving your embarrassment and also the environment, download the app now!

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