These are the top five injuries sustained while taking selfies

Published Thursday, Jun 2 2016, 17:03 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Taking the perfect selfie is an art (apparently).

But what most selfie-obsessives don't realise, is that snapping away merrily at your own face can often prove to be rather dangerous.

New research by 3D-Lipo Ltd, has revealed the UK is a nation so obsessed with creating the perfect image, they're willing to risk their safety to get the best pic.

These are the top five injuries sustained by people while taking selfies

© Getty / Cultura RM Exclusive / Corey Jenkins

Selfies are more dangerous than we thought!

In fact, one in 10 of the 2000 adults questioned admitted encountering an injury while striking a pose.

Here are the top five injuries they sustained mid-selfies:

1. Black eye or broken nose from dropping phone on face

2. Electric shock from carrying or getting close to lighting

3. Falling from a high surface

4. Spraining or dislocating finger pressing the capture button

5. Walking into a wall or surface

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