Brits would choose holidays over sex, carbs and their best friends

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There's not much we'd pick over a luxury holiday. After all, British weather is so dire most of the time, it can feel like we NEED sun.

So what exactly would us Brits be willing to give up in favour of our beloved holidays?

The team at online travel agency conducted a poll to find out just how important holidays are to us, with 91 per cent of respondents saying they couldn't imagine their lives without holidays in them.

Brits would choose holidays over carbs, sex and their best friends

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Stock image: Brits would choose holidays over sex

People were asked what they would rather give up between holidays and other aspects of their lives.

Of the 2,936 questioned, 91 per cent they would give up eating carbs over holidays hands down.

Second most popular was sex, with 72 per cent saying they'd trade in their sex life to be whisked away to a sunny destination.

Best friends also got the boot, with 52 per cent admitting they'd swap their BFF for a jaunt abroad.

Other things people chose to ditch in favour of holidays were their mobile phone, their career (43 per cent!) and 15 per cent even chose to give their relationship the boot.

Of the people taking part in the poll, 78 per cent were lucky enough to go away at least once a year. And 63 per cent admitted they feel "miserable" when they don't have a getaway to look forward to.

We hear ya!

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