Study reveals opposites DON'T attract

Published Tuesday, May 31 2016, 17:30 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Everything we've ever been taught turns out to be a complete lie, apparently.

Dating service Match have conducted research into who their members fancy and it turns out opposites don't attract at all.

Match study reveals opposites don't attract

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Brown haired daters were likely to couple up

They looked at the different physical and personality traits of one million of its members, and found singles are overwhelmingly more likely to hit it off with someone similar to themselves.

From body shape to eye colour to politics, Match members said there were more likely to get on with someone who shares their own characteristics.

Those who identified their political beliefs as Conservative, were 45 per cent more likely to strike up a romance with other Tories.

Both brown-eyed and blue-eyed daters stuck to their own kind, and people with similar body shapes were more likely to date each other, too.

The members with visible tattoos were 61 per cent more likely to connect with tattooed singles.

Kate Taylor, Match's dating expert, said: "Love has always been based on harmony and compatibility. While differences may spark interest initially, having too any differences of opinion can lead to imbalanced and unstable relationships eventually.

"This is why websites and apps are rapidly becoming the UK's favourite way to find dates: it's easy to find people who share your passions, right from choosing the perfect first date to finding someone with the same long-term goals as you."

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