Slimming World special: "We're finally confident in our bikinis"

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These three women tell us how, since joining Slimming World, they're confident enough to flaunt their fab new figures after losing an inspirational 14st between them. Well done, ladies!


Alexandra Boanas, 34, a primary school teacher from Hull

Alexandra Boanas now

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Alex now


"As an active young woman, I weighed around 10st in my 20s - until I found Mr Right and we moved in together.

I was happy and in love with my partner, Steve, now 42, so I enjoyed cooking us hearty meals. My weight then started to pile on.

When I fell pregnant in February 2014, I was 10st 10lb. I just ate buttered toast, crisps, chocolate and pizza. I put on 3st.

When I gave birth to Florence, I was 13st 10lb and a size 16 in maternity clothes.

Everyone said I'd naturally lose a stone afterwards, but I didn't. One day in January last year, I caught sight of myself in underwear. Instead of the toned tummy I'd had for years, mine looked like jelly.

So I decided to join Slimming World, weighing in at 12st 10lb.

Alexandra Boanas before losing weight

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Her baby weight is a thing of the past

I set my target as 9st 12lb, and in my second week I lost 4lb. By August 2015, I'd hit my target and my consultant Joan and the other group members said I looked fantastic.

And I still eat full English breakfasts and platefuls of pasta and jacket potatoes!

After having a baby, I thought I'd never wear a bikini again. But I've got a better body now than I did before.

Last year, I went on holiday with Steve and our daughter and, for the first time in years, I donned my size 8 bikini and I didn't give it a second thought!

Slimming World has not only given me my confidence back, it's given me a new life."


Anna Tregear, 38, a care worker from Selsey, West Sussex

Anna Tregear now

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Anna's proud of her new curves


"My meals had always been quite healthy, but I just couldn't resist biscuits and chocolate.

When I married Rick, now 35, in 2010, I starved myself to fit into a size 12 dress, and weighed 11st 7lb. But afterwards, I went back to my old ways.

A few months later, after falling pregnant, my weight rocketed. I used being a mum-to-be as an excuse to pig out. By the time Abigail was born in May 2011, I weighed around 17st and was a snug size 18.

Six months later, when I was still more than 15st, I was forced to ask myself, 'What's your excuse now?'

Anna Tregear before losing weight

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Anna before joining Slimming World

On holiday in 2014, I covered up in floaty clothes. But when I saw photos of myself on the beach, it all became clear. Although I was smiling, I was desperately unhappy.

I joined Slimming World in January 2015, and felt so welcome. Weighing 15st 2lb, my target was to lose 5st. After two weeks, I'd already lost 7lb and felt amazing. I realised I could still eat biscuits, chocolate or a glass of wine – just in moderation. Now, I make Slimming World chicken curry and exercise more.

By July, I'd hit my target. My jeans are a size 10 and I'm happy at 10st 2lb. Even better, I feel fantastic in a bikini. I never imagined I'd say that!

Losing weight has done wonders for my confidence. I used to want to blend into the background, now I take pride in my appearance - after all, I've worked so hard to get here!"


Jodie Rigby-Mee, 31, a Slimming World consultant from Leamington Spa, Warks

Jodie Rigby-Mee finally feels bikini confident after losing weight with Slimming World

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Doesn't she look amazing? Bikini confident at last


"From my early teens, my weight steadily increased. At college, I'd start the day with a big bowl of cereal followed by a mid-morning sausage roll. Lunch was a sandwich with crisps followed by a chocolate bar – all washed down with a fizzy drink.

We'd go out for burgers, and I'd drink alcohol three nights a week.

My bad habits meant that, by theageof18,Iwasasize20and weighed 16st 7lb.

That summer, in 2003, I went on a girls' holiday. Wearing a bikini was my worst nightmare, so I wrapped up in a towel or hid behind layers and a black cardi.

When I overheard a group of lads referring to me as 'the fat one', it felt like I'd been hit with a sledgehammer.

Jodie Rigby-Mee before joining with Slimming World

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Jodie would cover up in layers and cardis

I decided to join Slimming World as soon as I got back. In the first week I lost 5lb and, for the first time, I felt proud of myself.

By the time I was 19, I'd hit my target of 10st 10lb, after losing nearly 6st in 18 months. Switching to wholemeal bread and healthier fillings meant I could still enjoy my beloved sandwiches and lose
weight. It was perfect.

I've maintained my target weight over the years. Although I put on 3st when I was pregnant with Jenson, now two, I lost it eight months after he was born in July 2013.

Now I'm 10st 5lb, and a size 10. What's more, I love bikini shopping. I don't feel the need to cover up any more.

I've even come to love my stretch marks – they're a reminder of how far I've come..."

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