Most Brits have suffered from bad luck on Friday 13th

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If you're a believer in "bad luck" then you better not leave the house today.

Friday 13th, and the fear of it, is now so common in Britain that it's been given a name - triskaidekaphobia.

A vast majority of adults, 74 per cent in fact, say they have suffered from back luck on previous Friday 13ths.

Travelodge surveyed 2,500 adults to get to the bottom of why they believe certain numbers come with bad (and good) omens.

Brits are still so afraid of Friday 13th, many of them change their plans on the day to avoid bad luck

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Forty per cent said they were wary of Friday 13th, and would take direct action throughout the day to avoid any form of bad luck.

So what lengths will people go to to stay safe on this supposedly cursed day?

Many will avoid travelling at all and others will rearrange an important meeting in case it goes wrong. Steering clear of mirrors in case they break and leave them with seven years' bad luck is also a popular one.

The study was conducted alongside analysis from 513 UK hotel managers who reported seeing a trend in customers requesting rooms associated with their lucky numbers - their birth date, wedding date or partner's birthday.

Hotel managers also stated they regularly came across customers who refused to stay in room 13, with the room often the last one to be taken up each night.

After the number 13, room 101 is the second least requested room number and room 666 is the third least popular number.

Customers will especially avoid staying in room 13 if they have an important date the next day, such as a job interview or wedding – as they feel the number will bring them bad luck.

And 68 per cent of adults admitted to resorting to a good luck gesture on the day, including: throwing salt over their shoulder, saying good morning to a magpie when it crosses their path and searching for a black cat so that it crosses their path with good luck.

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