British window cleaners reveal their weirdest sightings

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Only a lucky few of us have never been caught doing something embarrassing in front of a window cleaner.

Whether you're dancing in your pants or singing into a hairbrush while gazing adoringly at yourself in a mirror, it's hard not to cringe when you realise you've been spotted.

If you think about it, window cleaners have a brilliant job. They get to see a snapshot of our lives, and most of us can be pretty weird.

A questionnaire by asked more than 500 window cleaners to reveal the funniest and most bizarre things they've witnessed.

So what exactly do they do when they spot someone in an uncompromising position? Well, 81 per cent of those questioned admitted they just carried on and pretended they hadn't seen anything weird. Ah, the good old British way of turning a blind eye.

British window cleaners revealed their most bizarre sightings

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16 per cent have seen their clients on the loo

A man cleaning the windows of a house in Cardiff was outside the bedroom window while a couple inside were watching an X-rated movie dressed as characters from the movie Grease. Whatever floats your boat!

One window cleaner looked through the windows of a conservatory to find the family's pet Labrador in labour and giving birth to her litter. As no one was at home, he had to call them, advising them to make a speedy return home.

Another, from Leicestershire, peeked into a living room and saw around 20 Christmas trees all set up - each fully decorated with tinsel, baubles and fair lights.

While cleaning a kitchen window in Yorkshire, one participant was shocked to see that the kitchen worktops and floor were covered in what he estimated to be around 200 unopened cereal boxes. Cereal's great and everything, but 200 boxes! Perhaps they were preparing for a zombie apocalypse?!

These were the most common sights seen by our nation's window cleaners

· Someone asleep in bed – (58%)
· Someone naked – (46%)
· Someone crying/distressed – (31%)
· Someone exercising/working out – (28%)
· Couples arguing – (24%)
· A couple having sex – (21%)
· Someone dancing/singing – (19%)
· Someone sat on the toilet – (16%)
· Someone showering/in the bath – (9%)

If we've learned one thing from this, it's to close our curtains!

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