Brits spend £60,000 looking good for selfies

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Let's face it, most of us are selfie-obsessed.

And now, apparently, the average Brit spends £60,000 in their lifetime on looking food for selfies.

According to Sure, who carried out the survey, men spend more than women on pre-selfie treatments and products. They splurge on hair gel and deodorants as well as grooming products.

Brits spend £60,000 in their lifetime on looking good for selfies

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The results say the average man will spend £69,525 on beauty items so they look flawless in selfies. Women, however, will spend just £48,600 - that's £720 a year.

Most of us take three selfies a day, according to the survey, so we're spending roughly £4.79 on each one.

So, what is it that we worry about most when taking a photo? Sweat marks was a big fear, as 51 per cent of those questioned cited this as their number one worry. Others freaked out about dry skin and 33 per cent were concerned about their bad teeth.

And 40 per cent of those questioned admitted looking up how to take the perfect selfie.

A spokesperson for Sure Maximum Protection told The Sun: "The nation is spending 30 per cent more than a decade ago to give off an aura of confidence.

"And regardless of spend, 41 per cent have admitted to looking up the science for the perfect selfie at least once, possibly inspired by icons including Kim Kardashian, Rhianna and Arianna Grande."

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