Drunk Uber passenger paid £100 for what should've been a five-mile trip

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Nodding off in the taxi after a night out is something many boozers have experienced.

The seats are so comfy and you're exhausted after hours of dancing/shouting/doing shots.

Daniel Kaizen was charged £102 for his Easter Monday Uber trip

© Daniel Kaizen / Twitter

It should have been a five-mile trip costing £15

But poor Daniel Kaizen's drunken snooze ended up costing him a fortune.

The Londoner hopped in an Uber minicab at Old Street this weekend. He'd requested the taxi take him just five miles to his home in Wood Green, North London.

Usually, this journey would cost him around £15.

Instead of taking the quickest route, the taxi driver noticed the passenger had fallen asleep, and drove due east to Barking and around the North Circular before finally reaching his destination.

The 20-mile detour landed Daniel with a bill of £102.17.

It wasn't until the 26-year-old got home, and opened the app to give the Uber driver a five-star rating, that he realised how much the ride had cost him.

He told The Telegraph: "I nearly spat out my tea laughing at the route."

On Facebook he wrote: "Well, I was drunk, but damn Uber, £105 for a £15 journey."

He also tweeted: "Great start to my Easter Monday," alongside a screen grab of a map of the trip.

Uber have now apologised and promised to refund the reveller.

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