Signs put up at university to teach students how to use the loo

Published Monday, Mar 21 2016, 20:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
Students can have grim habits, we're aware of that.

But surely anyone over the age of three is able to take themselves to the toilet and not crap all over the floor?

University of Sheffield students are so messy they've been taught how to use the loo with signs

© Peter Dazeley / Getty

"No standing on the toilet" one sign reads

Despite toddlers having mastered the art of dropping their load inside the loo, it seems like some students at the University of Sheffield haven't.

Campus lavatories have reportedly been plastered with signs teaching them how to relieve themselves appropriately.

The youngsters are being urged not to squat on the toilet seat, but actually to sit on it like you're supposed to.

Other signs read: "Put toilet paper in the toilet bowl and flush" and "no standing on the seats".

The Sun quoted a source, who said: "It's pretty disgusting and the cleaners have had enough. There's only so much they can take."

The newspaper also reported the university declined to comment.

We truly despair!

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