British ducks have been put on a diet

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So apparently you're not meant to feed bread to ducks.

(Err, what? Our entire lives have been a lie).

Ducks have been put on a diet

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Anyway, this is meant to be common knowledge these days. So everyone stop feeding ducks your stale loaves immediately.

Charity Canal & River Trust - who look after 2,000 miles of waterway in England and Wales – have seen a 20 per cent fall in feeding ducks bread.

This in turn has meant our ducks are getting slimmer and healthier.

In a shock twist, they've said we should be feeding them peas and lettuce…

Despite lots of nature-lovers visiting their local duck ponds with healthier snacks like seeds, fruits and vegetables, an astonishing 3.5 million loaves are being thrown into our waterways each year.

A spokesperson for the charity said throwing bread into ponds, rivers, lakes and canals can lead to overcrowding as birds will keep coming back to the same place looking for treats.

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