Couples strip off and get in bed together for new TLC dating show Undressed

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As a nation, we can't get enough of dating shows.

Whether it's spying on couples on their very first date, or watching a bunch of women turning their 'lights' off for a man they don't want to date, we're absolutely obsessed.

Undressed is a new dating show coming to TLC

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Producers say it will encourage "intimacy"

Witnessing those very intimate - and often awkward - moments is what makes paying our TV licenses totally worth it.

Now, the question of how far dating shows will go to get people's attention has been answered.

Undressed, a new programme coming to TLC, will televise potential couples meeting and shaking hands before stripping down to their undies for a 30-minute date on a bed.

That's right. Near-naked dating. We can hardly contain our excitement/horror.

So once the strangers see each other in their pants, they'll move to the bed. There's also a TV in the room which will show questions they have to ask each other.

After 30 minutes, they'll vote yes or no as to whether they want to see each other again. The bizarre and questionable show is already a huge hit in Italy, so they've brought it over to the UK.

Producers of Undressed told The Daily Mail that dating in your delicates "accelerates intimacy".

It's set to be aired sometime this summer.

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