Introducing the sanitary towels for your armpits to stop you sweating

Published Thursday, Mar 3 2016, 20:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
The Oscars goodie bags this year were full of the most expensive crap yet – luxury holidays, top-of-the-range sex toys and even a vampire breast lift.

But one of the less extortionately priced items gifted to nominees was the humble Dandi Patch.

Dandi Patch stops you getting sweat marks

© Dandi Patch

They're good for up to eight hours

Basically a sanitary towel that you stick onto your armpits, the product claims to stop you getting sweat patches.

They claim to absorb your excess sweat for up to eight hours, but you are only meant to stick these bad boys to a hairless armpit.

So keep your eyes peeled. Kate Winslet or Lady Gaga might soon be rocking up to red carpet do's sporting them!

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