Unlikely animal pals: a lion, tiger and bear become the best of friends

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There's nothing more heart-warming than an unlikely animal friendship.

Noah's ark animal sanctuary is home to an unlikely trio of friends

© Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary

The three pals were rescued as cubs

And this one is super special because it involves three incredible creatures – a lion, a tiger and a bear.

An animal shelter in Georgia, USA, took the unusual threesome in when they were cubs. They had been found by police in the basement of a property during a drugs raid in 2011.

Leo the lion was found in a tiny cage, and the bear cub, Baloo, was in a harness that was so tight, his skin was growing around it.

The little tiger Shere Khan was severely malnourished, as were his two pals.

Noah's ark animal sanctuary is home to a lion, a tiger and a bear

© Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary

But Noah's Ark Animal Sanctuary took them in, and incredibly, the three haven't left each others' sides since.

Every day, they play eat and cuddle together.

It's just too much…

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