Four-year-old treats his mum to Valentine's Day pizza

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Many people don't give a monkey's about Valentine's Day, but even the most cold-hearted of us would feel a pang of adoration when they hear what one four-year-old did for his mum this year.

Max Schofield was out shopping with his recently divorced mother, Emma, when he made her close her eyes.

Max Schofield treated his mum to pizza for Valentine's

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Peeping through her fingers, she saw him choosing her a Valentine's Day card and teddy bear.

Next they went to Pizza Express in Torquay, Devon, and had a lovely meal together.

But staff at the restaurant were brought to tears when it was time to pay the cheque.

Generous Max had brought his jar of saved pennies from home with him, and tried to pay for the meal.

Pizza Express workers were so moved they gave the mum - who said she had been "dreading" Valentine's Day since her marriage ended - and son the meal for free.

Moved Emma told The Metro: 'I have always brought my son up to be thoughtful, kind, caring and appreciate even the smallest gestures.

"This extremely kind gesture left me crying with happiness and holding onto my son with pure joy!"

Max, you absolute gent!

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