Armpit apples and other unusual dating rituals from around the world

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With 14 February fast approaching, some clueless partners will be running around in a flap - desperately trying to find a token that best expresses their love.

Muslim dating specialists Love Habibi have come up with this unusual list of unusual dating rituals from across the globe.

Dating rituals from around the world include placing a slice of apple under your armpit before presenting it to your lover

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Armpit apples: the ultimate aphrodisiac

So if you're stuck for unique ideas this Valentine's Day, why not present your lover with an armpit apple, or carve them a sexy wooden spoon?

Here's five of our faves:

1. In 19th Century Austria, women used to plant slices of apple under their bare armpits at social gatherings. Should a man take their fancy, they would remove the apple in order to present him with it - pungent!

2. In the Irish travelling community, it is a tradition for young men to "grab" their women in order to quite literally take them away to somewhere secluded in order to forcibly kiss them. This is seen as a rite of passage for young men and women.

3. In the remote Himalayas in South Asia, it is customary for young men to go "night hunting" for a partner. Yes, it is as bonkers as it sounds. They night hunt by climbing into their partner's bedroom in the dead of night in order to have sex with them. If they are caught by the parents then they are obliged to marry the girl.

4. In the Netherlands, there is a custom known as bundling, where young couples would spend the entire night talking while wrapped up in separate blankets. This was also popular in colonial America - in fact it was encouraged by parents as a means for their children to find partners.

5. In Wales in the 1600s, it was customary for men to show off their crafting skills by making their potential wives a wooden spoon - the best efforts were rewarded by their female counterparts.

You can read Love Habibi's full list here.