Valentine's Day sex? We'd all rather have a lie-in!

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Everyone's getting wise to Valentine's Day.

It's no longer seen as a day to shower your loved one with roses and chocolates and all that stuff that can actually be completely un-romantic.

Brits would rather sleep than have sex on Valentine's Day

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Sleep over sex, says the majority of Brits

Plenty of people think the whole idea of it is utter rubbish.

And a new study is backing that up and has revealed 82 per cent of us say we'd much rather have a good night's sleep on 14 February.

Of the women questioned by Bensons for Beds, only six per cent said they were up for any action between the sheets this year.

So what has happened? Is romance officially dead?

We're all knackered, that's what's happened. Most respondents said their bedfellow's snoring, and duvet hogging was giving them a bad night's sleep - hence choosing a snooze over a quickie.

Basically everyone in the study also said they'd much rather have a lie-in followed by a luxury breakfast in bed rather than being taken out to a fancy restaurant.

Lynda Matthews, from Bensons for Beds, said: "As our survey shows, romance doesn't have to be about flowers and champagne, but instead about creating a tranquil and peaceful environment with the one you love."

Isn't that just lovely. So don't fret about getting lucky this year, just get some well-deserved shut eye. You've got another 364 days a year to get your bonk on.

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