Oscar nominees are given goodie bag with £170 sex toy!

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What goes into an Oscar goody bag? Bloody loads of expensive stuff, apparently.

There are no stale slices of cake wrapped in napkins for the Hollywood lot, oh no.

Oscar goodie bags include sex toys

© Fiera / www.fiera.com

The Fiera Arouser is worth £170

They get luxury holidays and sex toys in theirs!

This year's nominees will receive goodies costing £173,000 each, including holidays in Japan and Israel.

Lucky female stars will get a £170 Nuelle Fiera Arouser sex toy, which "gets you ready" for sex.

Best actor/actress and best director category nominees will be gifted the controversial vampire breast lift – where your own blood is taken from your body then re-injected into your boobs for "rounder cleavage".

One of the most expensive items is a first class luxury trip to Israel worth more than £38,000.

Other cracking goodie bag contents include the world's most soothing loo roll and £200 worth of personalised M&Ms – according to the Daily Mail.

The bag is compiled by a company called Distinctive Assets.

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