The true cost of love is £276.94

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What is the true cost of love? £276.94, apparently.

How has this random figure been plucked from the air? Well, the Post Office conducted a study and figured it all out.

Post Office survey results say it takes four dates to make a relationship official

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Go out for dinner to show you're serious, they say

They found the average cost of a date is £51.68 and after four of these pricey rendezvous, couples make it "official". That seems rather soon?

So after four dates, and nearly £270, you've got yourself a partner! Makes it sound ever so simple.

Apparently chaps are more likely to splash out more on gifts for their date, and overall spend £20 more than women on dates.

Ooh and if you want to show you're up for a relationship, taking someone to a nightclub is seen as non-committal. The Post Office suggests having someone over for dinner is the best way to prove you're serious (or boring).

One in five daters invested in a new outfit for the occasion, hoping to impress.

Bizarrely, daters in Ipswich were the most financially invested and forked out an average of £88.13 per date.

Swansea suitors were the most penny pinching, spending around £24.

The survey was conducted by One4all gift cards on behalf of the Post Office.

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