Jaywalking lemur photographed in Madagascar

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This Sifaka Lemur was photographed while jaywalking in Madagascar.

Sifaka lemurs were captured by a photographer in Madagascar

© Shannon Benson/REX Shutterstock

The animals are renowned for their unusual way of walking, as they stand on their hind legs and have their arms thrown into the air.

Although quite amusing to witness, it's how they protect themselves and get away from predators.

It looks like a scene from everyone's favourite animated film Madagascar.

The island, off the south east coast of Africa, is home to the real life version of King Julien XIII.

Sifaka lemur crosses the road in Madagascar

© Shannon Benson/REX Shutterstock

"I like to move it, move it"

The character, best known for his rendition of "I like to move it, move it" is also seen in the film pulling out exquisite dance moves.

Real life lemurs do the same jazz hands, heel clicks and a pink panther walk.

Shannon Benson photographed this amazing creature while working on the island.

They spend most of their lives up in the trees, and as vegetarians they feast mainly on leaves, flowers and fruit.

Sadly, they're hunted for their meat and are in constant danger from deforestation.

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