The average single Brit goes on 11 first dates a year

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Navigating the dating landscape is awkward and weird at the best of times.

New research has shown the average single Brit (aged 18 to 30) will go on 11 first dates a year. released a survey that revealed Brits go on 11 first dates a year

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52 per cent of women think about sex on a date

In a survey conducted by men and women were asked what the most common things were that played on their mind during a typical first date.

The majority of men were most paranoid about what they looked like and who would pay the bill.

But for women, 52 per cent said they were preoccupied wondering whether they were going to get lucky.

Taking into consideration all aspects of the date including preparation, food, entertainment and travel, the average cost of a first date worked out at £75.49.

Annoyingly, 54 per cent of respondents said the man always paid, 37 per cent said they went 'dutch' and only nine per cent said the woman paid. Err, what century are we living in, folks?

If you were to take their word for it, we could conclude first dates for women are clearly becoming more about hooking up. While men aren't necessarily thinking about getting down and dirty on first meeting.

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