Introducing the world's first breathalyser activated condom machine!

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Unless you're particularly health conscious or tea-total, most dates involve booze.

There's nothing like a pint or five to calm your pre-date nerves and let's face it, we've been using alcohol as a social lubricant for years.

Match invented Johnny Be Good to only dispense condoms to sober people

© Match / SWNS

10 per cent of people drink on every date

Although many of us may see nothing wrong with that, it is worrying.

Over a third of singletons questioned by Match admitted they've never slept with someone for the first time sober – with 52 per cent saying they just didn't have the confidence to approach someone if they weren't tipsy.

They also said four in 10 of their recent sexual encounters took place under the influence.

In order to encourage sober sex, which, if we're all honest, is way better than any sloppy drunken session, Match have come up with an inspired idea.

Introducing "Johnny Be Good" – a breathalyser-activated condom vending machine.

Positioned in a pub in central London as a trial, it will only dispense condoms to people if they can prove they're sober.

You simply breathe into it, and if you're over the legal driving limit you'll be refused a condom.

While it may actually end up encouraging the reverse of the desired effect (i.e. drunk people just banging without protection anyway), there's a positive ethos behind it.

It's actually really alarming to hear 38 per cent of the people they talked to didn't feel confident enough to strip off if they weren't drunk.

And of course with copious amounts of alcohol come some not-so-sexy downsides. Some people said they've been so wasted in the past they've forgotten to exchange numbers, and 11 per cent said they ended up under-performing in the bedroom.

Match are encouraging sober sex

© Match / SWNS

It's been installed in The Brass Monkey, London

Dating expert for Match, Kate Taylor, is desperate to boost everyone's confidence to date sober.

Her top tips include giving yourself a natural boost of endorphins before meeting someone by going for a brisk walk or jog. Or phoning a supportive pal on the way to a date and remind yourself of your best qualities.

She also says opting for positivity-inspiring food on a dinner date can make a world of difference. Kate advises filling up on green leafy vegetables and oily fish (not exactly the most romantic of aromas).

Finally she makes quite a good point.

"If you need alcohol to feel uninhibited in bed, chances are you're simply going to bed too soon. Wait a few more dates," she says.

"When you know your partner has seen the good and bad sides of your personality and adores you anyway, you'll feel much more relaxed and less performance-orientated under the covers."

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