What's the "perfect" number of sexual conquests?

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If you sleep with more than 10 people in your lifetime, everyone will think you're promiscuous – according to new research.

Apparently, the perfect number of notches on your bedpost is 10.

Anything less, and you're an inexperienced sexual newbie. Anything more, and you're easy.

Illicit encounters' research says 10 is the perfect number of sexual partners

© Tom Merton

So 38 per cent of women and 37 per cent of men said the ideal number of conquests for a potential partner was between eight and 12 lovers. And within that group, 10 was considered the best number.

Unsurprisingly, in the survey conducted by IllicitEncounters.com, men in particular proved to be more wary of women who had a score higher than 10. Centuries of double standards don't just disappear overnight, do they?

The men questioned also said if a woman had slept with more than 20 guys, he'd be super turned off.

They were also questioned as to whether they would even ask their partner how many people they'd boned in the past.

Just 35 per cent of women wanted to know a man's magic number, and 30 per cent of men would want to know a woman's sexual history.

The conclusion is hardly a shocker - men seem to be less tolerant towards "promiscuity" than women.

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