Creepy new "vagina tightening stick" rejuvenates your bits, apparently

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As if women don't already have enough to feel insecure about, this new magic wand has been invented to "rejuvenate" our bits.

We're constantly being told we're too chubby, hairy or plain weird to be considered "attractive".

Vagina stick was created in Japan


But this one really takes the biscuit.

Worried about how tight your vagina is? Just add it to the never-ending list of body hang-ups, please.

The vagina stick was created in Japan and promises to tighten you right up – in just a matter of seconds.

The £30 product also claims to cleanse your downstairs and has been used for centuries as a natural way to preserve and restore vaginal tightness.

You basically pop it in for 15-30 seconds, but it has to be half an hour before you're going to get jiggy with it… practical.

Plus, there's nothing like a "Feel tight and wanted again" tagline to make you feel especially paranoid/inadequate.

Vagina stick contains herbs to freshen your intimate areas


It could be yours for £30

It's a best seller according to, who say: "The Japanese stick sensitises, cleanses and regenerates the vagina while changing the consistency and aroma of its secretions.

"By helping remove the dead cells of the vagina skin, the Japanese vagina stick restores the balance of the vaginal flora by moisturising it and getting a proper pH level.

"By using this Japanese vagina stick daily you will restore a youthful vaginal health by moisturising, tightening and revitalising it."

Oh will you all just give us a break.

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