A lucky puppy survived swallowing her owner's hearing aid

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Adorable puppy Domino had taken quite a shining to her owner's hearing aids.

So 63-year-old Norma McKenzie hid them. But the naughty little Labrador managed to sniff them out and before Norma could do anything, she swallowed one of them.

PDSA vets saved Domino after she swallowed a hearing aid


Domino found Norma's hearing aid hiding place

Baffled Norma, from Dundee, returned home to find one of her hearing aids smashed to bits. And the other was nowhere in sight.

After realising what had happened, she rushed Domino to PDSA's pet hospital in Hawkhill.

Vets had no choice but to give the mischievous dog a medicine to make her vomit.

After five minutes, the hearing aid had been returned to its owner – although it was in little bits.

Domino also brought up a comb, a jewel from a hairclip and some prawn crackers.

The hearing aid Domino swallowed could have caused a fatal blockage, or tear in her digestive system.

Even the battery could have caused complications, by burning her stomach lining.

Norma said: "The one day I found her with a pair of my glasses and one of the lenses was destroyed. She's also chewed the side of my coffee table. I heard that putting mustard on it would stop her but she actually enjoyed it and licked it all off!

"I know she's a puppy and they do like to explore things but I'm now being a lot more careful where I put things, especially when I get my replacement hearing aids."

PDSA vet Andy Cage is now warning pet owners to keep a close eye on what their dogs are swallowing.

He said: "There is a medical term for pets eating strange objects – pica. Dogs, especially puppies and younger dogs like Domino, use their mouth to investigate objects, as well as to eat. Sometimes when doing this a dog will swallow an object by mistake."

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