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Periods were discussed openly more in 2015 than possibly any other year.

The tampon tax wasn't scrapped, and disturbingly, sanitary products are still classed as "luxury items".

Inspirational Kiran Ghandi also ran the London marathon while free bleeding to break the ridiculous and out-dated taboo around periods.

Period products include tampon tins


15% of profits are donated to women's charities

Companies have clearly spotted the rise in out in the open period-chat and there are some genius monthlies-related products on the market.

Little Things for Good, an independent online retailer, have created some jokey little tampon tins to keep your products in one handy place.

At £10, you can choose from designs with slogans including "There will be blood" and "Crime scene in my pants."

Not only are they kind of funny, with every sale, the company will donate 15 per cent to St Mungo's Broadway and Sunshine Action charities to provide homeless or refugee women with sanitary supplies.

You can buy a tampon tin that tells it like it is here.

Or if you're after something more fancy, why not invest in a piece of timeless time-of-the-month jewellery?

Period products - sanitary towel ring


So fancy! A bejewelled used sanitary towel ring

Designer Lili Murphy-Johnson's collection is inspired by menstruation, and the frustrating, leaking female body.

The collection focuses on the hormonal mood swings that make up premenstrual syndrome, the "periods paraphernalia" aka tampons, sanitary towels, soaps, wipes etc and lastly the blood itself.

She said: "Drug stores are oversaturated with products to manage periods, all playing up to the idea that periods are dirty and something wrong with the body, something to hide."

Choose from a jewel-encrusted "used sanitary towel" ring, or a gold-plated period paraphernalia charm bracelet.

THINX is another awesome brand working to break the taboo surrounding menstruation.

They have designed some bloody (excuse the pun) amazing knickers that mean you can go tampon or pad-free.

Period products - pants that soak up menstrual blood


You can go tampon-free in these pants!

These wonder-pants can hold up to two tampons' worth of liquid, are anti-microbial so fighting bacteria and are leak-resistant.

They say: "By reimagining feminine hygiene products to provide support, comfort, confidence, and peace of mind, we aim to eliminate shame, empowering women and girls around the world."
Designed by women in New York, the products are made by women in Sri Lanka.

The underwear is made in a factory run by a family, and the company provide education and training to their female workers. They also help them become leaders in their community.

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