25 per cent of Brits have had sex at the gym

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Many people probably feel and think they look utterly disgusting after a work out.

You've developed sweat patches in areas you didn't know even sweated, your hair looks like some kind of gross throwback to the 80s and your face is red and blotchy.

Ann Summers conducted a study that revealed 25 per cent of Brits have sex at the gym

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20 per cent had pulled their personal trainer

Despite this being the truth for many women, Ann Summers has released some research that says the gym is in fact the sexiest place ever.

Their study revealed 25 per cent of Brits admitted to having sex in a gym. Over half said they used the gym as "a hook up spot", and 10 per cent always carried condoms with them just in case.

Personal trainers are known for being smooth-talking super humans. And the research proves this, with 20 per cent of gym-goers saying they've banged their PT.

Gyms are also a hot bed for dating app users. And 80 per cent said they used apps to try and hunt down babes they had their eye on at the gym.

According to The Metro: "Squats are said to help people have sex standing up and doggy style, with 67 per cent of regular female gym goers claiming 30 a day made them better in bed.

A further 45 per cent of women say that lifting light 5kg weights once a day for 15 minutes gives them better orgasms with their partner, as they are able to lift and control their core body weight during sex."

Well, there you have it.

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