New app can measure your bra size

Published Tuesday, Jan 12 2016, 19:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
The idea of having our bra size measured fills most of us with dread.

But never fear!

Gone are the days of being awkwardly felt up in a dusty department store changing room.

Thanks to the incredible technological advancements, an app has been developed that claims it can tell your bra size just by looking at your chest. Madness!

ThirdLove is free to download and proclaims to be even more accurate than the age-old tape measure method.

You can use the app at home. All you have to do is stand in front of a mirror and take two pictures of your chest.

This can be done while wearing a tight fitting tank top, or just a bra.

The app will talk you through exactly how to take the photo, and voila! You've got a measurement.

By calculating the distance between the mirror and your body, the app can then figure out your bust size.

Developers claim it takes five minutes to get your measurements, and that they are accurate down to a half-cup size.

For anyone worried about having their clothed boob-selfies floating around in the web-sphere for anyone to see - the makers have insisted the pics and data won't be stored.

Founder Heidi Zak told The Guardian: "Your photos are never stored. All of our sizing takes place on your phone. We never view, upload or share your photos."

They do admit it's not a foolproof method, as users may not hold their phones at the correct angle. But anything's worth trying if you get to avoid that unpleasant fumble from a total stranger, right?

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