A Shetland pony was among the items hotel guests left behind in 2015

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What kind of person leaves a Shetland pony behind after checking out of their hotel?

That's just one of the questions we've been burning to ask after seeing Travelodge's list of bizarre items left behind in their rooms.

Travelodge staff found a Shetland pony had been left behind

© imageBROKER/REX Shutterstock

Stock image: Pudding was left by her owners

The tiny pony's owners neglected to take little Pudding with them, after checking out of their hotel in Ayr, Scotland.

Thankfully, she was returned to her rightful owners when the mistake was realised.

But Pudding wasn't the only sentient forgotten by her family - a mother-in-law called June was also left behind by her loved ones.

Travelodge staff found a collection of prosthetic legs left behind in one room

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One guests left a collection of prosthetic legs

A collection of light sabres, a rice cooker, a house made of bread and a replica of Kate Middleton's wedding dress were also found in empty rooms.

Hotel staff also stumbled upon a collection of prosthetic legs with different shoes, a book of stories written by a 10-year-old called John and a Swarovski encrusted 5ft wedding cake.

The mind boggles.

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