Residents in Britain's kindest village did 800 good deeds in 2015

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A group of selfless villagers in North Somerset pledged to perform 800 random acts of kindness in 2015.

The idea came when they wanted to commemorate the 800th anniversary of a church in the village of Congresbury.

Britain's kindest village performed 800 good deeds in 2015

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Youngsters gave 70 gifts to pensioners

Lovely residents did 817 good deeds in total, including children rallying together to give 70 gifts to pensioners. Aww.

One person secretly paid a neighbour's vet bill and one man was helped to his feet by kind-hearted strangers after he was knocked over.

When Leigh Wale heard her husband's friend couldn't get tickets for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, she kindly donated hers.

Youngsters jazzed up old park benches with a lick of paint, strangers happily helped each other carrying their groceries and locals made a concerted effort to smile at each other and say hello.

Organiser Becci North told The Daily Express: "A random act of kindness can be something very small but it can have a major impact on someone's life.

"It did not matter how small or large the act was, it was the fact someone took the time to help another person."

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