Bizarre monkey-cat video: cute or cruel?

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A cat dressed up in a monkey costume licking a banana may sound like the cutest video of all time to some people.

But the footage is fast becoming the most divisive cat video the internet has seen.

Cat monkey video has divided opinion but amassed 6 million views

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2016: Year of the Monkey Cat

Cat + Monkey 2016 was uploaded to YouTube on New Year's Eve and then re-posted on Facebook two days ago, and has already racked up 6 million views.

The bizarre film shows a little ginger cat in a monkey costume. Its owner films the grumpy looking feline licking a banana while inexplicably surrounded by fruit.

Another kitty pal comes into shot and seems confused as to why his furry friend looks different.

2016...Year of the Monkey Cat.

Posted by Cats onĀ Thursday, 31 December 2015

Thousands of angry commenters have claimed the video is cruel rather than cute.

Many have posted furious replies to the video describing it as "abusive" and "animal cruelty".

On the other hand, thousands of others are championing it as a charming and harmless video.

What do you think?

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