Cute white monkey born in time for Christmas at London Zoo

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With one of the warmest festive periods in recent years, a lot of us are missing the cold weather.

But while we all neglect our heavy winter coats and scarves, at least there'll be a white Christmas somewhere.

White colobus monkey baby born at London Zoo

© Daniel Sprawson/REX Shutterstock

The baby was born earlier in December

A tiny white colobus monkey has been born at ZSL London Zoo just in time for 25 December.

Its striking white fur will eventually darken like its mums, but for now, it's as white as mistletoe. The zoo now has 15 of the beautiful monkeys, including the baby's mum Sophia.

Zookeeper, Tracey Lee, said: "Our new black and white colobus monkey is currently covered from head to toe in startling white fur, guaranteeing us a white Christmas here at ZSL London Zoo.

"The one-week-old's hair will eventually resemble the bold monochrome look of his parents and siblings, but that won't be for a few months yet.

"We couldn't have asked for a better Christmas present this year!"

White colobus monkey born at London Zoo to mum Sophia

© Daniel Sprawson/REX Shutterstock

Cuddles with mum

As keepers are unsure whether the little one is male or female at the moment, the infant will be named when they find out.

But the zoo's tradition is to name colobus monkeys after bones in the human body. The tiny creature's siblings are called Atlas, Maxilla and Anvil.

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