Orangutan in fits of laughter after being shown a magic trick

Published Thursday, Dec 10 2015, 20:00 GMT  |  By  |  Add comment
Magic tricks might bore most adult humans but this magician has one very enthralled audience member.

An orangutan was filmed being shown a cup and ball trick, and it makes for some pretty adorable viewing.

First off, the trickster shows the primate the ball inside the cup. He then shakes it around and quickly removes the ball while out of view of the monkey.

Peering through the glass of his enclosure, the ape then looks into the cup to see the ball is gone.

He stares blankly at it for a few moments, and seems somewhat underwhelmed in the video posted to YouTube.

But then all of a sudden, he starts cracking up with laughter and starts rolling around on the floor, covering himself in hay and grabbing his feet.

Clearly orangutans are very easily entertained. Bless!

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