Scales, Femfresh and a chainsaw - women reveal their worst Xmas gifts

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Weighing scales, cellulite cream and a Shewee - these are just a few of the worst Christmas gifts some lucky women were given by their clueless partners.

When unwrapping a present from your loved one, you imagine the person who knows you best would be able to pick you out something that's relevant to your interests.

A new survey has revealed one third of women have returned an unwanted or offensive gift.

Dustpan and brush was cited as one of the worst Xmas gifts a woman received from her partner

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One lucky woman was given a dustpan by her partner questioned more than 3,000 women with eyebrow-raising results.

Among some of the most ridiculous gifts these ladies received were hair removal cream, a dustpan and brush and in one particularly depressing case - three bottles of Femfresh. There's nothing that says "I love you" like a bottle of intimate wash.

Not to mention bizarre items others unwrapped to their horror like a chainsaw, a fossil (actually quite cool if you're into that kind of thing) and a DIY taxidermy mouse kit.

The hapless chaps are apparently just a little "disorganised" according to their partners. But one in four said their lover was utterly "clueless".

Katie Tillard from Latest in Beauty said: "Some of the most 'hated' gifts have included a bright green jumper with an embroidered alien and a high-visibility jacket to be worn while walking the dog."

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