Stupid 999 calls wasting police time include "there's a spider in my bin"

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Surrey Police have released a hilarious list of the most ridiculous 999 calls the force has received.

Officers are being driven mad by 'emergency calls' such as: "There's a spider in my bin" and "My TV is broken and Eastenders is about to start."

Members of the publics' moronic phone calls are being released by the force to highlight the problems surrounding wasting police time.

In one day, they were faced with the following emergencies: "My shutters aren't working", "Will I get arrested if I move my housemate's banana?" and "Fancy a chat?"

Using the hashtag #policingmatters, disgruntled officers took to Twitter and Facebook to anonymously shame the call-makers.

Last year alone, they sent members of the force out on more than 10,000 incidents – working out as 28 a day – which were not "policing matters".

Surrey Police issued a list of time-wasting "emergency" calls they received

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Stock image: "There's a spider in my bin"

In order to tackle time-wasting, they've released an online game that puts the player in the driving seat of a call handler. All scenarios are real calls they received.

Other calls included: "My restaurant bill is too high", "I've no phone credit" and "My parcel hasn't arrived yet."

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